Adrian Avacado

In my class we will examine and observe 3 D models of geometry( (Polyhedras)and explore the relationships between the 5 basic elemental archetypes.I will discuss recent scientific evidence of how DNA functions as a hologram projector.We will use kinesiology (muscle testing) to demonstrate and experience in our own bodies the electromagnetic recollective power of Sacred Geometry.The experience culminates with the Ceremony of Original Innocence,an alchemical tantric initiation which permanently reconnects our human bio circuitry in resonance with our true soul identity.

BIO: Adrian is a visionary Artist who has been creating sacred geometry mandalas and 3D shapes since 1996.When he’s not gathering medicinal plants in the mountains and jungles all over Montana and Hawai ,or teaching Chi Gong and Thai massage,,he is committed to sharing the knowledge and empowerment through facilitating Sacred Geometry workshops. Since 2011,he has performed Sacred Geometry Ceremonies and playshops at Lunacy(santa Barbara),Sufi camp ,Mystic Gardens,Mystic Island Festival (Maui),Hot SpringsHerbal gathering(Montana),Mystic in the Woods(Oregon) and many private venues .Many are familiar with the eternal timeless angles of his spinning shapes over dance floor and stage and their power to inspire,uplift,harmonize and energize performers and participants alike.

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