Cynde Gragert – Vanyassa Flow

Cynde teaches Vinyasa Flow which is a dynamic flow practice where movement is connected to the breath. It can be quite athletic or a quiet gentle flow.  She also teaches Yin as a complementary practice to other hatha yoga active styles. Yin is unique as it focuses on the tissues of the joints – bone, ligaments, connective tissue. It is catching on fast as a deeply nourishing practice for joint health, for cultivating mindfulness, and rejuvenating organ health through the meridian system within the connective tissue. It arises out of the Taoist tradition and is characterized by slow, long held postures on the floor. Deeply nurturing and acts as an antidote to our fast paced hectic and often disconnected lifestyles.

Cynde is well known here in Ashland. At Rasa classes in general are smaller but at the YMCA she regularly has 25 – 40 students attend almost every class.

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