David Kai


David Kai is a singer/songwriter currently living in the green hills of Southern Oregon. His life experiences pour powerfully through his music. With the integrity of his lyrics, timbre of his voice, and unique style of guitar playing, David evokes a depth of emotion that reaches the heart.  He has shared his songs in venues along the West Coast, Hawaii, and South America. The message he carries in his music speaks to a place where we can all relate. In his recordings or live performances, whether David is performing solo or backed by the brilliant soundscapes of his accompaniment, his music is sure to bring the listener to a place of inner reflection.

David grew up in Southern California where he first started playing music. He comes from a family of musicians. All the women on his mothers side were pianists. His grandfather Ken Gronstal used to play jazz out on the street during the great depression and was able to bring home enough money to feed the family. Just before the war his grandfather was approached by RCA records to sign a record deal as a singer, from the era of Bing Crosby. But as fate would have it, he was drafted into the war, and his dream of being a recording artist never came to pass. By grace he survived the war as a proud veteran and father of 3 including David’s mother. David continues to carry the dreams of his grandfather…

In 2010 David independently released his debut album, “In This Moment”, and soon his second album, “Return Of The Sun”, to be released this summer 2012.

As a youth, David first sang in choir’s while trying to learn piano, guitar, and bass. But he found his true heartbeat playing the drums during middle school. David continued to play drums in many genre’s of music from punk rock, to jazz through high school and his early college years. Around this time he also began writing his own songs. By then the restless spirit in him was ready to fly.

In his early twenties, David moved out of his apartment and began hitchhiking all over the U.S. with a backpack and a guitar, later moving to Hawaii to live for many years. During these years his faith in the mystery of life always led him to beautiful places and these experiences became inspiration for his music.

Along his journey David met many good people, including native tribal elders from North and South America. They continue to share with him their teachings and songs through ceremonial ways and have taught him a way of life. These universal spiritual truths are woven into his lyrics, which could be interpreted as songs for a lover or for the love of the creator. Songs with a message of love and hope.

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