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Practicing, Integrating & Living Transformational Culture

Let us define our terms…

What is a transformational festival & what is transformational culture?

According Jeet Kei Leung, who is a recent Keynote Speaker at a TEDx Vancouver and founder of Bloom Series:

Transformational festivals represent a global movement with the west coast of North America as it’s main hub. Jeet mentions in his talk some “key definers of Transformational Festival events” suggesting that beyond just music there often is visionary art, ritual ‘prayerformances’, yoga etc. that create a supportive environment or container and with all the uplifting music and activities, we find ourselves “Achieving Transformation through Inspiration…”

Jeet goes on to say that at these Transformational Festivals….

” we escape for a moment from the hierarchies and agendas embedded into the vary material of our mainstream consensus reality & we are free to co-create & share the momentary realization of the liberated world we would wish to live in… we have learned that these parties are practice for co-creating this very world…. we’ve lived it together, tasted it if even only for just a few days… these are spaces we are able to touch in with our full humanness…

Jeet also said these Transformational Festivals are…  “Confluence points for Cultural Creatives… tribal trading routes of our modern day” 

“What we are witnessing with these new transformational festivals is nothing less than the re-joining of the sacred ritual and the secular festival… “

What is “transformational culture and it’s values?”

We all know that a culture can be defined simply as what is shared by the individuals in a community: music, art, values, rituals, etc.. “Transformational,” in this context, has to do with evolving toward being healthier and living a more sustainable lives.  Many of us are aware that our fast-paced, consumer-oriented, “profits before people” society often falls short of having policies and practices that are the most sustainable and healthy for us. In fact, many believe that our current modern-day materialistic “death culture economy” is akin a fast train racing toward a cliff. “Transformational Culture,” in this context and for our definition has to do with creating an environment that supports us to go beyond  these un-mindful, mindless, heartless, unhealthy and unsustainable practices and instead learn & support one another in healthier non-violent forms of communication healthier lifestyle practices.

How do transformational festivals contribute to creating transformational culture?

Alex Grey was quoted at the 2009 Mystic Garden Party event saying:

We are a collective consciousness when we come together…

There are massive energies of ecstasy unleashed through huge musical events. It’s the opposite of war; artists wage peace with their creations.

[This is] a great uplifting of humanity. Beyond its self-destruction is the redemptive mission of art… That’s part of what we’re doing here … there’s an uplifting that occurs when you’re with people who are in the right frame of mind.

These ecstatic states lift us beyond our despair and cynicism. The group soul or collective consciousness … and these unity states entrain large groups with musical beats … and we have the potential for group mystical experiences, where loss of personal boundaries in a safe supportive environment can allow us to tap into utopian ambitions about the human condition.

We saw this potential of worldwide consciousness being a powerful force and … we know that it is.

Recreation (or Re-Creation) is About Refreshment & Renewal

For millennia, cultures and religions have realized the healing and transformational power of ceremony (dancing and celebrating), of letting go into the music, and of the value of recreation or “re-creation” is about refreshment & renewal.

At this Mystic events, we all have the opportunity to “re-create” ourselves, coming back to that sense of freshness after we’ve let our worries of the mundane fall away — so that we may soak up the spirit of healthy community, inspired music & ecstatic dance states, arts, workshops, yoga, and healthy organic food. With intention and the right offerings, a transformational festival is much more than just a “party” or a good time — it can be a profoundly renewing and empowering experience.

Let’s Activate, Integrate & Celebrate… Transformation

We intend to evolve beyond our society’s “enculturated,” unconscious, reactionary, unhealthy patterns. We are evolving beyond pettiness, beyond competitive scarcity and lack… we’re realizing when we learn to share as a community or as a tribe – when we learn to live in a more cooperative way – we can all have our needs met. With that in mind, let us move beyond lip service to our ideals. Let us all strive for and advocate putting our ideals in action.Some define compassion as “love in action.” Let us take time to learn more about the healthier community-building practices such as Non Violent Communication (NVC), yoga, healthy nutrition, and so forth, so that we may be able to offer much more to our own communities. Join us as we evolve to the place where we can say, “We said it, we meant it, and we represent it!”At this year’s Mystic in the Trees event, the offering of theme camps, inspired music, art, workshops, and yoga – and the experience of community – are designed to be able to uplift the spirit and inspire growth and empowerment while experiencing the healing power of bliss.

We’re here to help activate, integrate, and celebrate our expansion, healing, and transformation toward healthier community!

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