Our Mission

The Gathering

The Mission of this Gathering of the Tribes event is to create a fun, inspiring and nurturing environment that is mutually supportive to uplift us and bring out the best in us all. Many of us have had the transcending experience of being at a festival/gathering/event where the spirit of community, art and creativity transported us to new heights and supported us to be more heart centered, empowered, and to live a healthier more vibrant lifestyle.


We envision that by gathering many our circles or “tribes” together to share our gifts and experiences be it Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Native Traditions such as Sweat Lodges, Devotional Music, Sustainability Practices, etc. that we can all be expanded, experience growth and empowered to live more fulfilling lives. By sharing our gifts, supporting one another, and learning with more of the tools that can empower us, we can integrate these new lifestyle choices while enjoying ecstatic music & Edutainment!

Hereʻs a quote to ponder from Thich Nhat Han:

“It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community – a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth.”


This year our core team has grown with new investor/owners/event organizers building on the progress we’ve made in recent events including Maui & Kauai. We’re excited to share more of who is in the center pouring out their skilled & mindful love & devotion to this project which is co-creating a more solid foundation. Part of new alchemy of this project is that we are endeavoring to evolve into more of a “cooperative” structure where many who are inspired and skilled to help tend and steward this renewed Mystic Garden will be offered ‘ownership’ / profit-sharing. We envision this new structuring will be able to not only be sustainable but also to thrive & nourish our growing Mystic Garden for years to come.

A chance to honor & come through

Another important mission again this year is that we are endeavoring to raise as much funds as possible to be able to take care of those who were not fully paid at the summer 2010 Mystic Garden Party event. That year the county had given us the go ahead to produce that year’s festival event at a certain site in which a smaller festival had been produced for 7 years in a row. Then, we were shocked that just days before the event we were told that they changed their minds and we could not have our event there and we’d be arrested if we continued organizing for our festival/gathering on that site. Thus a huge loss happened in large part because of that. We almost challenged the county based on our belief that we have a right to freedom of assembly. Regardless, it has been challenging just to keep the festival from cancelling as other festival events have this year which would give little to no hope in taking care of any debt at all. However, we have managed to stay afloat, make some payments toward that debt, and do look forward to continuing that progress with larger payments to be able to fully honor all past agreements regardless of those circumstances. All new owners have agreed that a percentage of ticket sales and profits from the event will go toward paying debt. Together we can raise abundance, take care of everyone, become sustainable,  and continue to offer a transformational festival gathering experience that attendees have found inspiring and empowering.

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