Fantuzzi: a near-mythical creature whose natural habitat often manifests as a haze of ecstatic dance and joyous vibrations at conscious festivals around the globe.

Of Puerto-Rican parents, born into Spanish Harlem in the ’50s, a young and inquisitive Fantuzzi discovered the joy of dancing, singing and performance, using this as a means to escape the New York city streets.

Pursuing a journey of ecstatic exploration and a mission to share joy, love, delight in life with other beings wherever and whenever he can, Fantuzzi’s been a part of many ecstatic festivals for years, including most Mystic Gatherings from Hawaii to New York, BhaktiFest (Joshua Tree, CA), Earthdance (global), Into The Wild/Wildheart (UK), Glastonbury (UK), Harmony Festivals (USA). He was at the first Woodstock festival and returns this year to celebrate the 45th anniversary. His iconic photograph was used by Newsweek magazine as their front cover to symbolize the essence of the sixties generation.

A unique combination of spiritually inspired mystic rhythms, latin, reggae, funk, and heart-songs, Fantuzzi’s music is sure to elevate your soul and move your body!

Ease & Grace, Fantuzzi’s 2014 release, is predominantly upbeat. Celebratory, soulful, spiritual, ecstatic, including spices of Latin, reggae, African rhythms and more, Fantuzzi takes us on a beautiful global journey carried in the arms of 11 vibrant songs. Fantuzzi’s music is eclectic, enervating, joyous and infectious. He has played with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Stephen Stills, Billy Preston, Richie Havens, Babatunde Olatunji, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, Cedella Marley Booker, Taj Mahal, Joe Higgs and many more. has samples of the music, video snapshots, more information, schedule and more.



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