Join us at our not-for-profit Community Offering!

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Our not-for profit community event was envisioned by a close friend and supporter of Mystic for many years. Mystic founder was all ready to relish taking a year off when the proposal of doing a ‘free’ or ‘not for profit’ event came where monies would not be an issue and it would truly be a community offering going back to our roots. With that in mind, and we have come back home to where it all started at the Jackson Wellsprings and working with some of our close artists friends who were with us since the beginning.

The Casbah and Community Room is all that we’re utilizing beyond the back meadow for camping and so with that little of campacity venue areas we are confident to sell out to max capacity very quickly. We are not doing a major promotional campaign to not have too many people show up. We were originally hoping to do the event for free but for various reasons were not allowed to and thus $10 per day or $15 for 2 days is about as good as it gets! If anyone wants to camp at the Wellsprings or utilize the spa they got directly through the Wellsprings office as you would any other time and for $25 per night that also includes the Spa access to pool, hot tub & saunas!

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