We are blessed to have these amazing Visionary Artists joining us!

Martin Ball


Martin W. Ball is interested in many forms of creative and personal expression, with fractal art being one of his more recent artistic pursuits.  Martin is also planning to give a talk of some kind during the event. As a visual artist, Martin began drawing as a child, mostly with themes of outer space adventures, science fiction, and also a deep fascination with the natural world, often drawing animals and birds.  As a teenager, his…


Brian Paul Smith

Brian Paul Smith is a digital artist based in Ashland Oregon. A lifelong interest in Art, Computers, Math and Mysticism have been fused together to manifest this one of a kind creative spark. His work is an alchemical exploration of light, color, symmetry, sacred geometry, and the mystical forms that manifest within the cosmic fractal landscape. Like cloud gazing, or a Rorschach test on steroids, Brian’s art beckons the imagination of viewer and reveals an endless array of…


Lindy Kehoe

Lindy Kehoe lives and paints on the majestic Rogue River in southern Oregon. Her work is both magical and alive, revealing ancient stories through her myriad characters. Her illustrations were awarded the silver Nautilus award with her collaboration with Star Hawk in “The Last Wild Witch”. She has been published for six years with the We’Moon Date Calendar. Her paintings are offerings of healing and enchantment; portals into worlds remembered through the heart’s doorway.


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