This is most of our lineup and more TBA!

The Human Revolution

Continuing in the tradition of the great folk artists and writers before him, Human sings the songs of the American heart and soul. Backed by The Human Revolution, an impressive rotating cast of master musicians, Human has been leading the way for politically, socially, and ecologically charged performers and songwriters for almost a decade. Guests and past members of the lineup have included: Roger Fritz (Sheryl Crow, Shelby Lynn), Jeff Pevar (Ray Charles, Crosby Stills and Nash, CPR), Donny…


Diane Patterson & Spirit Radio

Diane Patterson writes, sings, and carries her Funky Earth Ballads and Sacred Songs for the Peaceful Revolution with acoustic guitar and ukulele, hand drum and voice. She now performs with her smokin’ yet subtle band Spirit Radio taking her songs to a whole other level of expression. Patterson weaves spirit and unifying social commentary around the world, on festival stages, at folk music and conscious music gatherings, healing gatherings, in concert venues, in the streets of Europe



Singer Songwriter.
Born in the Northland.
Here to Raise the Vibration.
We could give you a typical bio, drop names and tell you who he has played with and where.
Let’s just skip that part.
Freedom’s Music is Medicine.
Truly Undefinable.

Full with Beautiful Potent Poetry of True Substance and Relevance.
Ringing an Ancient Bell and Invoking Spirit Presence.
Freedom is Good for your Soul.
Be Here…


uPhonic Sound System

uPhonic SoundSystem is the result of a collaboration between Ashland, Oregon based guitarist/composer Peter Gross and Denver-based producer Something Wicked, aka Vincent Bierbach.

During the summer of 2011, Peter was returning to guitar after a break and period of deep self-reflection. Grooves and riffs were beginning to appear and with smartphone



Fantuzzi: a near-mythical creature whose natural habitat often manifests as a haze of ecstatic dance and joyous vibrations at conscious festivals around the globe.

Of Puerto-Rican parents, born into Spanish Harlem in the ’50s, a young and inquisitive Fantuzzi discovered the joy of dancing, singing and performance, using this as a means to escape the New York city streets.

Pursuing a journey of ecstatic exploration and a mission to share joy, love, delight in life with other beings…


David Kai

David Kai is a singer/songwriter currently living in the green hills of Southern Oregon. His life experiences pour powerfully through his music. With the integrity of his lyrics, timbre of his voice, and unique style of guitar playing, David evokes a depth of emotion that reaches the heart.  He has shared his songs in venues along the West Coast, Hawaii, and South America. The message he carries in his music speaks to a place where we can all…


Frankie Hernandez

Frankie Hernandez is a soul, funk,latin, reggae singer-songwriter committed to the empowerment and elevation of the human spirit and condition through music. Be it through the gyration of hip-pounding dance grooves, sweet reflective ballads, or a goofy, silly song, the music is intended to bring ecstasy, joy, laughter, tears, stimulating thought, and improved self-esteem.

His music has been featured on MTV’s hit show “The Real World”, TLC’s “LA Ink”, and ABC’s “666 ParkPlace” as well as public and…


Prema Love

Prema Love is a poet, mystic & musician of the Heart. Her Mission & passion in Life is to reach as many hearts & souls as possible in her lifetime, through sharing heart songs, Kirtan & conscious devotional Music. She has been a Resident on the Mendocino Coast for 8 Years and done lots of Traveling over the years, to bring her music to Places like Maui, Kauai & India. She has played in Universal Temples, at Festivals,…


Stephen Roush Band

Stephen Roush is a Southern Oregon and Rainbow Family singer songwriter, best known for his songs: “I Believe in the People of the Earth,” “Love Each Other,” and “Giving Thanks.” He was also a member of the original Freedom Tribe, with Freedom, Al Torre and Sasha (Butterfly) Rose


Cosmic Tickles

The Cosmic Tickles have come from a mysterious placeless place in the cosmos. These musical vibrations are originally composed by Phil (the Mother/Father/Midwife of Mystic Garden) with a rather spontaneously assembled talented crew of musical pioneers which have previously included (Maesyn, SaraTone, Travis Levity, Kit, Matteus, Stu).

Together this cast of musical songsters (which could be considered as crazy-wisdom cosmic comedic sometimes shamanic rebels) endeavor to tickle your soul while creating a vibrational atmosphere of soulful rhythms and uplifting…


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