Here’s the beginning of our Yoga Lineup.
More amazing yoga teachers will be added soon!

Cynde Gragert – Vanyassa Flow

Cynde teaches Vinyasa Flow which is a dynamic flow practice where movement is connected to the breath. It can be quite athletic or a quiet gentle flow.  She also teaches Yin as a complementary practice to other hatha yoga active styles. Yin is unique as it focuses on the tissues of the joints – bone, ligaments, connective tissue. It is catching on fast as a deeply nourishing practice for joint health, for cultivating mindfulness, and rejuvenating organ health…


Amy Cooper

Hatha Yoga with Amy Cooper: I emphasize breath and alignment, mindfulness, and moving from the inner body experience; facilitating each student to develop a sense of empowered freedom in relating to their body and mind. Drawing on ancient yogic teachings & Buddhist practice, I weave a creative, invigorating yet calming, centering yet spacious exploration of Self through Asana.

BIO:Practicing yoga since 1979 and teaching since 1981, Amy received her certification from the Iyengar Yoga Institute in San Francisco and is…


Basic Integral Hatha Yoga

Rejuvenate on the deepest level of your being. Rest your weary body… and allow your natural subtle life~energy to gently awaken. This class is a complete series of beginner level yoga asana poses, combined with subtly powerful breath practices, and deep relaxation. Following a breath-focused, meditative pace, we learn to deeply listen to the body’s innate healing wisdom and allow this inner guidance to shap


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