Street Team Application

Thanks for your interest in being a Street Teamer for our Tribal Crossroads, Mystic Family Reunion event! By joining the Street Team crew, you would be hanging up posters in your area (or areas that you visit), perhaps putting up posters/giving out handbills at other events you attend, and helping to spread the word on FACEBOOK & however you can! Since we are not selling tickets and this is a FREE EVENT we are more focused on inviting those most resonating with our kind of gathering experience as we are all just doing what we’re doing for the love.

Join Us!

Being a part of The Tribal Crossroads STREET TEAM is a great way to get involved with the festival as well as earn your weekend pass. Street Team promotions are a very serious part of the festival, and we are looking for hard-working, loyal, dedicated, and self-motivated individuals to help us spread the word about the festival. Please thoroughly fill out the application below if you are interested in helping promote the Tribal Crossroads. After you have submitted the application form, you are invited to send us a more detailed bio. The street team coordinator may be reached at — please direct your questions to this email address as well.

Extra Information

Something that could help you get selected for your area’s street team is helping us find places to advertise. Please email the street team coordinator with any info on events coming up in your area where we would want to promote our event with flyers and/or posters. You may send us a list of all the key places that you would suggest for your area. The contact email is: Additionally, if you’re comfortable, you may send us a picture of yourself because one of us may already know you by face and perhaps not by your name. Having a picture will help us get to know one other!


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