Samantha Sweetwater

Dancing Freedom: You are the power, the presence and the love of god. You ARE the WAY. Join us for this powerful dance ceremony to fully awaken and empower the divine human blueprint in each of us. Activate your Light Body in ecstatic, somatic & shamanic cycles of dance, breath, rhythm & active imagination. Empower abundance, wellness and enlightenment in every cell. Embrace and elevate your shadow AS your light. Release doubt, blame, separation and fear. Anchor heaven on earth within your body, heart and mind. Choose the living and loving path of FREEDOM and service to all of life.

Samantha Sweetwater brings passion, presence, & 25 years of experience to embodied leadership & awakening. She is a spiritual guide, life coach & movement expert who inspires & empowers personal and collective transformation through sacred practice, rigorous inquiry, celebration and direct spiritual perception. She is the founder and director of Dancing Freedom, Soul Coaching & PeaceBody Japan. Her work supports optimal physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, and creates learning laboratories for the emergence of peace, co-creative leadership, resilience and joy. As a Priestess of the Beauty Way, she serves the unfoldment of oneness for all beings. A much loved facilitator, she has shared the awakening journey through soul coaching, conscious dance, vision questing & ceremony with thousands of people around the globe since 1995.

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