uPhonic Sound System

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uPhonic SoundSystem is the result of a collaboration between Ashland, Oregon based guitarist/composer Peter Gross and Denver-based producer Something Wicked, aka Vincent Bierbach.

During the summer of 2011, Peter was returning to guitar after a break and period of deep self-reflection. Grooves and riffs were beginning to appear and with smartphone in tow, he began recording them all. However, tired of being tied to “some riff” and playing essentially guitar-based music, many of these riffs were transferred to the bass, thus making the bass the driving force in each tune. This allowed Peter to play simpler, more ambient guitar, adding more effects and creating new musical textures rather than guitar-oriented riffs.

While this new guitar sound and style slowly evolved, so did the songs. The winter of 2011 saw the entrance of Vincent, who was currently living in Ashland with singer and pianist Adey Bell, who would eventually make a major contribution to the music.

Over the course of that winter into the Spring of 2012, all the tracks were laid down for what would become the debut CD, Bella Danger, named after Peter’s small black cat who oversaw the recording process.

Over that time, riffs and grooves became songs with lyrics. Contributions were made by Adey Bell, Jason Cedar Miller, Calysta Cheyenne, and Brooklyn-based Author/Poet/Artist Micah..Blacklight. Then Something Wicked, coming from the school of modern Electronic Dance Music, put his magic touch on the whole thing. In July of 2012, almost 1 year later, Bella Danger and uPhonic Soundsystem were officially born.

A live band was then summoned. Eric Jones on bass, Aaron Cook on drums, Mike Mahlstadt on guitar, and the amazing Calysta Cheyenne on vocals. On Nov 1 2012 the album was performed live for the first time in front of an audience at a sold out performance in Ashland. The band then began to cycle thru players. The current lineup includes Peter’s longtime collaborator Shawn Freedman on guitar, as well as Stefano Carrera on drums and vocalist Kalindi Garcia.

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